Event Producer and Founder BusinessBreakfasts.nl

Helping businesses get noticed, generate leads and
build sustainable relationships.

About Lara

Lara Wilkens is an international entrepreneur and coach with a strong drive for community building, marketing and events, and boosting connections. She is the founder of Business Breakfasts in The Netherlands; a community-driven business development platform for entrepreneurs with presentations, workshops and unique content provided by experts.


Lara comes from an entire family of entrepreneurs; entrepreneurship comes naturally to her as do creative solutions including developing new concepts and strategies. She launched her first business in Dublin, Ireland and has gone from being a solo-preneur to a business owner managing a team and fast-growing community of entrepreneurs, offline and online. She thrives on creating win-win-win situations and passionate about helping businesses get noticed, making connections, and building valuable relationships.


Previous to starting her first business in Dublin in 2014, she has over 15 years Marketing experience working for international and innovative brands including startups. She managed online and offline projects, accounts, and partnerships, and created new strategies to improve processes and marketing efforts.


Having worked together with various entrepreneurs, departments (technical, creative, and sales), and other professionals from different industries throughout her entire professional career, she fully understands the value of collaboration and how skills and resources can be pooled to make projects, collaborations and partnerships more successful.


She doesn’t think in silo’s, always looks for the best solution, and absolutely loves helping business make new connections!!