Our 2nd Anniversary! “Building a Meaningful Community” with Emmy McCarthy

2nd Anniversary - Emmy McCarthy

Our 2nd Anniversary! “Building a Meaningful Community” with Emmy McCarthy

“I believe that communities can and will change the world.” – Emmy McCarthy, founder Amsterdam Mamas, Community Leadership Strategist, and International Keynote Speaker.

If you ever want to know exactly how to build a successful community, Emmy is the one to talk to. She has worked on building and supporting several communities throughout Europe and showed us how! She took us through a journey of styles, tips, and management to build and maintain a digital – or physical – community that thrives on supporting each other.

Thank you Emmy for your expertise and tips on building a community, and to Ana Gallo, Jennifer Nunez and Juan Garzon for being the best support team anyone can have and to Rodolfo for your wonderful photos!

Lastly, thank you for the wonderful venue as always Startdock, to Luwia for your amazing slow-fermented, live cultured, old-world yoghurt, and Mirna for your super tasty cookies!

Looking forward to meeting you at our next event: Creating a Financial Plan you Enjoy by guest speaker Jennifer van Dijk.

– Lara

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