Be a champion for something bigger by Richard Doughty

Be a champion for something bigger by Richard Doughty

“Entrepreneurs have the power to lead social change!” – Richard Doughty, founder of Doughty Consultancy, Communications and Policy, and Business Breakfasts Expert.

Richard taught us all about how being a champion for something bigger can enhance your business offering and help you to be bolder in what you do. We got the tools and methods for thinking about our purpose, building knowledge, growing partnerships, and how to persuade people. We even got a “Geek Cheat Sheet” as Richard calls it, helping us become the subject matter expert in our cause.

He recommends to join forces to create coalitions and partnerships so you are not alone fighting for a cause and to get more credibility. And to make sure we set goals and measure our achievements. “If we don’t measure, we don’t care.”

Thanks very much to Richard for her time and insightful presentation, to every participant for joining our event even during these difficult times, and to Jennifer Nunez for all her Marketing support.

Looking forward to meeting you at Richard’s “Workshop: Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs” where you will be held accountable for applying these new skills to your business during this small and intimate session.

Don’t forget, all the attendees receive a free 30 minute consultation (valued at €75) no-strings-attached. Please contact Richard and use the code provided to you during the presentation.

I would also like to invite you all to Business Breakfasts Online, our exclusive online community for growing entrepreneurs for more networking, inspiration, and learning and to try our Premium Membership two weeks for free (you will first need to register with your name and email address) where you will receive mini lessons from Richard each month!

– Lara

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