How to go from Zero to 100s of Customers with Silja Thor

How to go from Zero to 100s of Customers with Silja Thor

Facts don’t sell, stories do.” – Silja Thor, Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Coach & Mentor.

During this session, Silja shared the five steps she used to successfully grow her startups. According to Silja, when you implement her five steps, finding customers can be a very smooth process.

Much of the morning’s focus was on the first two steps – “clarity” and “positioning” – because if these two steps are not properly in place, there’s no foundation to build upon. Essentially you won’t have a good understanding of your ideal customer, nor can you find that sweet spot to match their needs with your solution! If you can’t put out their “fires,” with your “bucket of water” they will not truly understand or want what you’re offering.

When you’re developing these two steps, it’s essential to take time to validate your products, services, or ideas. This can (and should) be done during any phase of your business and as businesses change over time, it is recommended to implement a validation phase at least every two years. You always want to make sure that there’s a great desire for your solutions, then things like pricing will not be an obstacle!

Thanks very much to Silja for her time and insightful presentation, to every participant for joining our event even during these difficult times, and to Jennifer Nunez for all her Marketing support.

Looking forward to meeting you at Silja’s “Online Workshop From Zero to 100’s of customers” where you will be held accountable for applying these new skills to your business during a small and intimate session. We will also specifically focus on how to create Target Persona’s (for businesses in any stage) and how to validate them. Join us on May 28th, online!

– Lara

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