Jan 2020 Entrepreneurs Morning Session

KVK Entrepreneurs Morning

Jan 2020 Entrepreneurs Morning Session

“The feeling to be one with nature, with the dolphins playing next to the boat and playing with the waves every day, [etc] made me so enthusiastic!” – Florian Dirkse, Co-Founder The Ocean Clean-up and The Green Miles

This session was one of many emotions with the incredible experiences of Florian Dirkse and his ocean adventures. We learned all about how he worked so hard to realize his dream by planning, working along the way as well, and truly experiencing life in the way he wanted. This also resulted in him looking around during his time and seeing the problem of trash (specifically plastic) along the way and actually doing something about it by creating The Ocean Cleanup!

Thank you Florian for your inspiring speech about your experience on the ocean and beyond, Olof Lakmaker of Blue Umbrella for your expertise and tips on Dutch taxes, Mirjam van Duijn of Qredits for your time and answering any funding related questions, Sandra Wood of the Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam and Natascha Rijkhoff-Chandieshaw of the Gemeente Amsterdam for all your help with organizing and coordinating this event, and Jennifer Nunez for all your Marketing support.



Looking forward to meeting you at our next event: Petra Fisher’s LinkedIn Workshop.

– Lara

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