Offline Workshop Your Instagram is Not Yours ⚡by Danny Martins.

Offline Workshop Your Instagram is Not Yours ⚡by Danny Martins.

“Take care of people and people will take care of you!” Danny Martins, Digital Strategist⚡ Community Building on Instagram for Modern Businesses, Mentor & Founder at Eureka Create.

This was our first offline workshop since the Corona crisis lockdown and we couldn’t be happier to finally be able to meet in person!

Throughout this workshop, we were reminded of many Marketing basics and the importance of directing your communications to your target persona. “When you speak to everyone, you to speak to no one.” “If you target everybody, you target no one.”

Danny also shared creative ways to always have inspiration on what to post and the different types of content that gets your audience engaged, like finding people who inspire you, or a role model, and their hashtags, feedback and comments. We also learned how to create an editorial calendar in a strategic way and optimize our time and various strategies that will help us stay consistent.

Thanks to Danny for this very useful workshop and for being so generous and to Jennifer for all your Marketing support. Thank you Rent24 for sponsoring your beautiful venue in the heart of Amsterdam.

Next up events include several Live Q&A Sessions and Online Community Walk-Through’s, our second Picnic in the Park Networking Event with “Leads & Needs” & more! followed by a presentation and a workshop by Erica van Engel all about creating Powerful Partnerships!

I would also like to invite you all try our Business Breakfasts Premium Membership two weeks for free (you will first need to register with your name and email address.) As Premium Member you be able to network online, receive mini lessons from 10 experts each month, all presentations for free (including our picnic networking events) and their recordings if online.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

– Lara

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