Online Workshop From Zero to 100’s of customers with Silja Thor

Online Workshop From Zero to 100’s of customers with Silja Thor

“A confused buyer never buys!”- Silja Thor, Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Coach & Mentor.

Finishing off the Business Breakfasts tour with presentations in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam, we closed off with a hands-on practical workshop where participants were held accountable for the things they learned during the presentation and applied new skills directly to their business.

Silja reminded us of her winning 5-step formula and reiterated how important the first two steps are:clarity and positioning. If these two steps are not clearly defined, you will not have a successful strategy to follow.

Through exercises we created our own target persona’s by answering several questions for ourselves to focus on a person rather than a group. How we would want them to feel when they interact with us? Why would your customer buy from you and not your competitor? What problems does my customer have? And many more to guide us to “niche down” as much as possible which will help us visualize that exact customer making it easier to communicate and sends messages to.

Thanks very much to Silja for her time and being so free in sharing resources and knowledge, to every participant for joining our event even during these difficult times, and to Jennifer Nunez for all her Marketing support.

Looking forward to meeting you at our next presentation of the Business Breakfasts ‘tour’ “Be a champion for something bigger – Presentation by Richard Doughty For all other upcoming events in Amsterdam, please our Facebook page or join us at Business Breakfasts Online. 

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

– Lara

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