“What’s Your Plan B?” by Sabyasachi Sengupta.

“What’s Your Plan B?” by Sabyasachi Sengupta.

“We are all caterpillars now but only few of us will be butterflys later”–Sabyasachi Sengupta; TEDx and keynote speaker and soon to be author of “Whats your Plan B?”

The world is on its knees because of COVID-19. The world has literally come to a halt. But what happens when the virus finally gets tackled, are all the problems then over? Sabyasachi thinks our problems will get even bigger. Experts predict a deep recession that can and will have a cascading effect on almost every individual and their jobs. We will all be affected by the same. How can we protect ourselves? We need a Plan B. A Plan B that is tailor-made to our strengths and purposes.

Saby, walked us through the many stages we go through as humans and how we cope with adversity. He shared stories and examples of those who have and have not prepared for crisis and the results. One such story was of Morgan Stanleys head of security, Rescoria, who put his employees through frequent, random evacuation drills before 911. Rescoria’s training saved 2687 employees out of a total staff of 2700 in the tower that day. This story demonstrates the values of protection and safety, and preparing for adversity.

Thanks very much to Sabyasachi for your time and insightful presentation, to every participant for joining our event even during these difficult times, and to Jennifer Nunez for all her Marketing support.

Looking forward to meeting you at How to go from Zero to 100s of Customers” with Silja Thor which takes place Wednesday May 20th.

– Lara

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