Workshop Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs by Richard Doughty

Workshop Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs by Richard Doughty

“Know your must-haves and nice-to- haves.” – Richard Doughty, founder of Doughty Consultancy, Communications and Policy, and Business Breakfasts Expert.

Through various activities covering persuasion, negotiation, sales and networking skills, Richard Doughty had us working on the true core of how to persuade with integrity, our core values, and all of this and how it contributes to the success of our businesses.

During break out sessions, we negotiated the four most important values as a group, outlined our outside-in customer journeys, and a persuasion model for when we want someone to do something.

Thanks very much to Richard for your time and insightful workshop, to every participant for joining our event even during these difficult times, and to Jennifer Nunez for all her Marketing support.

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– Lara

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