Your LinkedIn Presence Needs Personality by Petra Fisher

Petra Fisher- LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn Presence Needs Personality by Petra Fisher

“[Your digital personality] is a big reason why people choose to work with you rather than someone else.” – Petra Fisher, Petra Fisher Consulting

The first event of 2020 was a LinkedIn celebration! We learned all about how to update our LinkedIn Profiles (aka Website) to be much more custom to us, our specialties, and our business so we can attract the clients we really want to work with. She helped us understand what people expect, what their first impressions are of, and how to make our pages cohesive to our brand.

Thank you Petra for your expertise and tips on creating a LinkedIn presence with personality and to Jennifer Nunez for all her Marketing support.

Lastly, thank you for the wonderful venue as always Startdock.

Looking forward to meeting you at our next event: Entrepreneurs Morning Session at the Chamber of Commerce on January 23rd!

– Lara

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