Business Wellness – A Life Not Led by Stress

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Business Wellness – A Life Not Led by Stress

“A life without stress, doesn’t exist” – Rob Lacroix

“Stress comes when you feel a loss of power.” – Vanessa Smith

During our second Utrecht Business Breakfast “Business Wellness – A life not led by Stress” our guest speakers Rob Lacroix and Vanessa Smith shared with us the secrets of being a successful entrepreneur without having a burnout, what early warning systems we should look out for, and the key cornerstones for wellness.

During this engaging and cozy event we were left with various tips and very easy-to-apply techniques to help us experience wellness in all areas of our entrepreneurial life. We also learned how to create a healthy environment within ourselves.

Thank you Rob and Vanessa for sharing your knowledge, Darla Duggan for helping us bring our communities together, Gemeente Utrecht for your time and attendance at the event, and to Jennifer Nunez for being a fantastic sparring partner and Marketing support anyone can have!

We hope you all have a fantastic, successful and, most importantly, healthy new year!

Looking forward to seeing you at the next event on 10 January, 2019!

– Lara 

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