Be a champion for something bigger by Richard Doughty

Be a champion for something bigger by Richard Doughty

“Entrepreneurs have the power to lead social change.” Richard Doughty Policy & Communications Consultant, Speaker and Trainer.

How can we have a positive impact on the world? Richard made clear to us that positive impact doesn’t just happen, its something we choose to do.

During this presentation, Richard taught us what it takes to be a champion for change in your business and explored how being bold can enhance your authenticity, your interactions with others, and connect you with a larger purpose. We learned various techniques used by persuasive campaigners and lobbyists., how to build building coalitions and productive cooperation, and how to connect data and evidence with your purpose.

Thanks to Richard for this very clear and structured presentation, and to Jennifer for all her Marketing support.

Looking forward to meeting you at Richard’s “Online Workshop: Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs” where you will be able to apply the skills you learned during the presentation to your business directly on Friday June 26th.

– Lara

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