How to go from Zero to 100s of Customers with Silja Thor

How to go from Zero to 100s of Customers with Silja Thor

“If your customer’s head is on fire and you don’t have a bucket of water to put it out, means you can’t solve their problem so your solution won’t match their needs” – Silja Thor, Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Coach & Mentor.

Silja Thor began May’s Business Breakfasts ‘tour’ by getting straight to the point and shared her own experiences and the five steps she took to win customers in a reasonable amount of time.

Getting customers is difficult and can feel like an uphill struggle. You will need to spend time researching your customers throughout the five steps in order to succeed and grow. You need to start with getting clarity on your target audience. Think of your business as a person. What kind of person would it be? Then follow with building the right strategy to help you connect with clients that have the perfect match with your business. Be consistent in all your communications.

Once you know exactly who you’re going to be working with, you can map out the steps and keep your customers engaged. As things change over time, its important to check your current positioning by validating your services. Check in with your customers at least twice per year. Tip: when checking in with your customers make sure you don’t put your own presumptions on them. 

Thank you Silja for sharing your expertise, Ana for your blog post contribution  and to Jennifer for all her Marketing support.

Looking forward to meeting you at Silja’s “Online Workshop From Zero to 100’s of customers” where you will be able to apply these new skills directly to your business on May 28th.

– Lara

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