How to tell your Story on Instagram⚡ by Danny Martins

How to tell your Story on Instagram⚡ by Danny Martins

“Just be yourself. That’s how people connect with you.” Danny Martins, Digital Strategist⚡ Community Building on Instagram for Modern Businesses, Mentor & Founder at Eureka Create.

We started the session by selecting which three emoji’s that describe us best and then decipher what the emoji’s meant to the other participants businesses. According to Danny, emojis are essential to communicate emotion, something that words cannot portray and play a large role in how we present ourselves on our Instagram profile.

Danny shared how we can find our story, how to share our story and how to stand out like an influencer. Instagram a great platform for this and for people to get to know you, and connect with your personal brand. Its important not to always talk about yourself by being self aware and to know your purpose.

Ask yourself, what do you want to be know for?

Thanks to Danny for this very useful presentation, and to Jennifer and Lotte for all their Marketing support.

Looking forward to meeting you at Danny’s Workshop Your Instagram is Not Yours ⚡ by Danny Martins where you will be able to apply the skills you learned during the presentation to your business directly on Thursday July 30th.

– Lara

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