UT – Creating a 2020 Financial Plan you Enjoy – Jennifer van Dijk

Jen van Dijk - Financial Plan

UT – Creating a 2020 Financial Plan you Enjoy – Jennifer van Dijk

“Emotions matter. They can be your compass, your catalyst, and your track lay-er.” – Jennifer van Dijk, Accountant at Van Dijk Accounting

Ditching the ever-repeating mantras of “I want success” and many others that have been taught throughout the years, expert in Financial Planning and Executing, Jennifer van Dijk, gave us a great set of tools on how to identify what we wanted to accomplish financially and professionally in 2020 and how to make it happen by focusing on what was in our hearts.

We actually walked through a visualization of how a marvelous day would be for each one of us and how our next year will look. Jennifer also showed us ways of bringing down those images into actual budget and financial planning and shared with us how she does that herself. The presentation ended with a very valuable lesson about the importance of expressing these goals and plans openly and communicating with others as a way of self accountability!

We are looking forward to Jennifer’s workshop in Amsterdam to explore in more detail all of the elements to use to create this plan on the spot.

Thank you Jennifer for your expertise and tips on creating an enjoyable financial plan, Juan for your event support and photos, and to Jennifer Nunez for all her Marketing support. Also a huge welcome to our newest member and Graphic Designer James Calcinai

Lastly, thank you for the wonderful venue as always, Grytte Maliebaan.

Looking forward to meeting you at our next event also hosted by Jennifer van Dijk in Amsterdam: “Workshop Creating a 2020 Financial Plan you Enjoy.” During this 4-hour morning session you will have the opportunity to apply new skills directly to your business with plenty of hands-on activities.

– Lara

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