How to Deliver Impactful Presentations & Become Memorable

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How to Deliver Impactful Presentations & Become Memorable

“Online is less expensive if you are the show expert.” Bogdan Manta, Live Communication Strategist, Negotiations & Presentations Master Coach

Giving presentations online or hosting a webinar does not mean poor (SD) quality whilst ”sharing your screen”, mediocre video playback, or people frustrated, because they cannot follow all of the above. Its also more difficult to be effective as its harder to keep attention spans and they give less impact. According to Bogdan, to make it a good experience, we need to work harder and he showed us how during this very entertaining online presentation.

Thank you Bogdan for your expertise and to Jennifer Nunez for all her Marketing aupport.

Looking forward to meeting you at our next event “Impact of Covid-19: How can you recession proof your business during the current crisis?” by Guillaume Kloof.

– Lara

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