Utrecht – Workshop How to Create Videos for Your Business by Videovrouw

Utrecht – Workshop How to Create Videos for Your Business by Videovrouw

“Videos on Instagram are most commented on and watched if they’re around 26 seconds” – Lian van MaldegemFilmmaker & Video Marketeer at Videovrouw

Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Utrecht Workshop!

Attendees had a very inspiring and hands-on workshop with Lian from Videovrouw at Instock Restaurant Utrecht where they served an amazing breakfast with rescued ingredients. The essence of Instock is to prevent food waste and to encourage the local community to fight against this ever-growing issue.

Lian took us through the fundamentals of video marketing, and with very clear examples she showed us how there are certain types of video for the different stages of the customer acquisition.

We covered the basics of video production with our smartphone, talked about lighting, sound capture, background, image composition and the different types of video set-ups and editing. The best of all is that we took all this information into real life and went out to create a video with our own businesses in mind.

From interview formats to the strategy behind them, Lian provided tons of tips on how to get and give feedback as well as the confidence to make video an essential part of their communication and marketing strategies.

Thank you Lian for your excellent video creation help, Instock for your venue sponsorship, Juan Garzon for your photos, and Jennifer Nunez for all your Marketing support!

Looking forward to meeting you at one of our next events!

– Lara

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