WORKSHOP by Dr Iris Dorreboom – Women & Negotiating

WORKSHOP by Dr Iris Dorreboom – Women & Negotiating

“Be yourself and achieve your goal.” – Dr. Iris Dorreboom

Handling negotiations come at both expected and unexpected times because it technically never ends! The best part about that is that it’s good news. Change is exciting and allows for improvements upon agreements, relationships, and experience.

During this engaging session, Iris taught how to recognize that you – as well as the other side of the table(!) – are a person with a story. How you go into that negotiation (aka the mentality you hold from the story you tell) will contribute greatly to the outcome. She also educated us on ways to use our personalities to our advantage, even in those stressful and uncomfortable situations that eventually happen.

Thank you to Juan Garzon who took these beautiful photos! Thank you also to Jennifer Nunez who helps me with marketing.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next workshop on April 18th! 


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