WORKSHOP by Tony de Bree – The Scale-up Blueprint

Tony de Bree presenting for ABB Workshop

WORKSHOP by Tony de Bree – The Scale-up Blueprint

“Many startups don’t know how to make money because they focus too much of their time on trying to get investments.” – Tony de Bree

In a small and intimate setting, Tony de Bree shared with us the many lessons learned and most common mistakes startups make when scaling. Founders want to grow their business, but at the same time need to be careful that they do not suffer from organizational issues and create a ‘slow’ and ‘fat’ organization.

During this workshop, Tony took us through the various steps taken out of his book ‘The Scale-up Blueprint’, explaining why and how we should consider when your business is ready to scale. He provided useful tools and methods specifically used by scale-ups to help us grow a professional organization as quickly and efficiently as possible while keeping your eyes on your customer backed by plenty of theory, hands-on experience and real-life examples of successful startups and scale-ups.

Thank you also to Jennifer Nunez who helps me with marketing.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next workshop!


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